About Us
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About Us

Ratan Prakashan Mandir (RPM) was established by Late Shri Padam Chand Jain in the year 1948 with an investment of Rs.500/- only. The firm first published guides and help books for graduate classes of Agra University, Agra. It also published syllabi of Agra University for 4 years. Then the firm was approached by learned Professors to publish Text Books in the subjects of Economics, History, Botany, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Mathematics, Political Science and other subjects. Ratan Prakashan Mandir has branches in Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Meerut, and Gorakhpur to market their publications and to approach colleges to introduce their publications. The Authors of the books are well experienced in teaching and have a good academic record. Ratan Prakashan Mandir is always vigilant to the syllabi of different Universities so that books are updated from time to time.

Suggestions from readers and lecturers for improvements in the books are carried out from time to time. Ratan Prakashan Mandir also publishes school textbooks for classes IX to XII for U.P. Board High School and Intermediate, Allahabad and Madyamik Siksha Board, Rajasthan Ajmer for classes XI & XII

Ratan Prakashan Mandir invites manuscripts from Authors in different subjects for Text Books, and Help Books for the utility of Graduate, Post Graduate, Engineering and Medical Students. Lecturers and Professors who desire to publish their work may contact Ratan Prakashan Mandir for publishing their work in Hindi and English language.

Ratan Prakashan Mandir would also like to know the requirements of the readers so that such publications may also be published.

Ratan Prakashan Mandir is looked after by Professional Persons of calibre, Shri Prem Chand Jain who is the Proprietor of the firm. Ratan Prakashan Mandir have a vast experience in the field of publishing & printing of Text Books, help books and guides. Ratan Prakashan Mandir is also interested in foreign collaboration to publish Indian editions of books published by foreign publishers so that low-priced textbooks are made available in India. In future, Ratan Prakashan Mandir would be publishing general textbooks for Nursery classes to class VIII for English Medium Public Schools and Convent Schools. Experienced teachers and writers are requested to contact Ratan Prakashan Mandir for the publication of children's books. Ratan Prakashan Mandir would like to pay attention to the publication of technical books in Computers and Engineering on a priority basis.

The Group under the pioneering efforts of Shri Prem Chand Jain has touched new milestones of success and has grown into a vast community of teachers, Professors, Lecturers and Students. The Present turnover of Ratan Prakashan Mandir is Rs.1600 Lacs. Ratan Prakashan Mandir is also interested in the export of Text Books of its own publication and other Indian Publishers to other countries. Ratan Prakashan Mandir invites Book Sellers and Book Stores from other countries for their requirements in Indian Publication. Ratan Prakashan Mandir would be able to export all Indian Publications to foreign Countries.